Ballarò Perfums Eau de toilette

Ballarò Perfums

Exotic, versatile, multicultural. Alive. Ballarò is the pulsating heart of Palermo, the oldest local market founded by Arabians. Culture crossroad, Ballarò is particulary fascinating for its colours, voices and perfums. Perfums Ballarò Masculu & Fimmina take inspiration from this ancestral and sensorial framework that creats two ot of reach fragrances for man and woman, nearly tribal and spicy.

profumi speziati ballarò


Fragrances expressing sounds, aromas and colours, revoking the old warm Arabian market atmosphere.

profumi ballarò arabi


The millennial history of Sicily lives through in olfactory perception: fresh and ancient aromas persistence is timeless.

profumi ballarò multiculturale


Crossroad od peoples, contamination of smelling and tradistions. The West meets the East in the Mediterranean mixture of perfums and fragrances.

Ballarò Collection