Perfums I am Sicily Eau de Parfum

I am Sicily

The Deep essence of ancient Sicily: Greek, Arabian and Norman, but also Baroque, Gothic and Liberty. Timeless fusion of peoples ad culture, but also natural elements: earth and sea, nature and cities. I am Sicily perfums are four fragrances inspired by tyical Sicilian essences: orange blossom, jasmine, almond, Bergamot. They spread out and touch senses, in aperfect olfatory balance.

Profumi I am Sicily essenza di Sicilia


An experienced scent that leads you in the ideal timeless Sicily. Each essence like a partial destinations of this multi sensorial trip.

Profumi I am Sicily essenza


Each olfactory elements like a  single poem verse, full of complex meanings. The nature is just like a fragrance paraphrase of I am Sicily.


profumi bellezza siciliana


The myth of Beauty, art and nature, living in an ideal essence, The essence meets the beauty even before it reveals.

I Am Sicily Collection