Perfums Zagara Paradiso Eau de Toilette

Zagara Paradiso

Zagara Paradiso is Eau de Toilette collection by I am Sicily. Mixtures of fragrances and essential oils that for over seventy years spread the scent of orange blossom and Sicilian flowers all over the world.

profumo zagara paradiso


The orange blossom is the perfume of memories. Childhood, home, the land of origins. Radiant, soft and persistent fragrances, which arouse memories and emotions.

zagara paradiso agrumeti fiori arancio


The heavenly scent of orange blossoms and Sicilian citrus groves. The Mediterranean scents of the Conca d’Oro, where the Arabian garden becomes Eden.

profumo di zagara siciliana


In Sicily, perfumes have always been along with rites and traditions. Sacred and profane are mixed together like the scents of orange blossom and jasmine.

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